Remote Assist - Chat support guide for library staff

This guide will get you started with the staff app for chat support from JerseyConnect Remote Assist.

If you don't have an account with JerseyConnect Remote Assist, contact the JerseyConnect help desk at

Getting started

  1. If you haven't already, go to to download the staff app.
  2. Run the installer to complete setup.
  3. Open the ISL Pronto from JerseyConnect Remote Assist app
  4. If this is your first time running the app, click the Status button in the upper left and select Available. You'll be prompted to log in.

    Enter your email address and Remote Assist password.

    If the login box does not say, please contact us at for assistance.

  5. You're now logged in and ready to chat with visitors. Look for the word Available after your email address to confirm that you're online.

Chatting with visitors

Once at least one staff member is online, the chat icon on your website becomes active.

If your library website doesn't have a chat icon, please see Remote Assist - Setting up chat on your website for more information.

  1. When a visitor starts a chat, you'll see an entry appear in your staff app in bold under Clients in the bottom left and you'll get a notification on your desktop.

    Chat shows up in the staff app:

    Notification pops up in your system tray:

  2. You can click the entry in the Clients list to see more info about the visitor.

    At this point, you can right-click on the entry and select Close Chat if you want to cancel the chat session. Just as an example, you could do this if you want to screen chats from a foreign country or a spammer.

  3. Double-click on the entry to accept the chat.
    It opens in the top right quadrant of the app, and you can click the arrow next to your name to see all of your open chats.
    The entry stays in the Clients list, but now it shows that you are chatting with the visitor.
    All staff members see the same Clients list.

  4. Type your responses into the box under the chat transcript in the top right. Click Send to send a response to the visitor, or Comment to add a note that can only be seen by you or other staff.
  5. The live chat transcript is shown in this box in the top right.
    The visitor gets a visual indicator that you are typing a response. Responses from the visitor show up in real time as they type, but aren't added to the transcript until they click Send.

    You'll also get a pop-up notification when the visitor sends a response.

  6. When you're done, click the Chat button and select End Chat from the drop down menu. The visitor can also end the chat at any time.

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